Elmer's introduces school glue made from natural ingredients


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Elmer's Products announced today Elmer's School Glue Naturals — the first and only school glue made with naturally occurring ingredients and available in recycled packaging, according to the company.

Elmer's pourable School Glue Naturals consists of 99% natural ingredients. The primary ingredient in the adhesive is plants, specifically American-grown corn, a rapidly renewable resource. The bottle is made from 25% post-consumer recycled materials, and the label contains 20% recycled paper, is printed with soy-based ink and is applied with a natural rubber adhesive.

Also made primarily from corn, Elmer's Naturals Glue Stick formula consists of more than 88% natural ingredients. The sticks are made of 25% post-industrial recycled plastic. The labels are printed with soy ink on FSC-certified paper and the card is made from 100% recycled paper board.

"Through consumer and industry research, we identified a demand for natural adhesive products from eco-conscious parents and teachers," said Lisa Singer, senior product manager for the Elmer's Stationery category. "While many people still will prefer our traditional white School Glue, we're proud to fill this niche need in the marketplace with the first and only natural adhesive for school use."

Elmer's School Glue Naturals come in a single 4-oz. pourable bottle, single 22-g glue stick or 6-g glue sticks sold in two- and four-packs, and in a 30-pack case. Suggested pricing for the pourable glue and 2-pack glue sticks is $3.29. The 30-pack of glue sticks retails for $16.99 for educators.