Giant-Carlisle introduces healthy-food checkout lanes


RICHMOND, Va. — Eight supermarkets in the Richmond, Va., area are using one of the most important parts of the store to promote healthy eating: the checkout lane.

Martin's Food Markets, part of the Ahold USA's Giant-Carlisle chain, announced it had partnered with the Richmond City Health District and Greater Richmond Fit4Kids in launching "Healthy Ideas" checkout lanes at the stores. Items will include fruit, nuts, snack packs from the store's Nature's Promise natural and organic section, nutrition bars and 100% fruit juice.

"Martin's is excited to be the pioneer grocery store in the Richmond area to offer healthy food and beverage items in select checkout lanes," Martin's Food Markets nutritionist Valerie Waters said. "We think our moms and dads, in particular, will appreciate a checkout lane with items that are not full of added sugar and unhealthy fats, which tempt all of us on our way out of the store."

Last year, Midwestern supermarket chain Hy-Vee debuted a similar concept with its Blue Zones checkout lane, which features foods like granola bars, dried and fresh fruit, soy nuts and string cheese.

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