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Healthcare-reform supporters show altruism


A lot of people have quite a few things to say about healthcare reform, whether they favor or oppose it. But supporters of the law show an altruistic sensibility and an understanding of how the law would benefit other Americans, according to an exclusive survey of nearly 800 patients conducted by AccentHealth and DSN in late July and early August.

Among the 486 polled supporters of the law, 67% said it would allow coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, while almost the same percentage, 66%, said millions of Americans would have coverage, and exactly half said it would be good for the American public, and 44% said it would provide cost savings for seniors. They also showed an understanding of the benefits to themselves. Forty-eight percent said they would have access to new and extended healthcare benefits, while 47% foresaw preventive care at no additional cost, and 42% said they would save on prescription drugs.

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What do you believe are the advantages of healthcare reform?

Source: AccentHealth. To view the methodology, click here.


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