Home Diagnostics launches TRUEmanager Diabetes Management Software


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Home Diagnostics, a leading manufacturer and marketer of diabetes testing supplies, announced the launch of TRUEmanager Diabetes Management Software.

The advanced reporting features and new user-friendly interface of TRUEmanager make it an essential tool for diabetes patients and healthcare professionals seeking long-term disease management.

The software allows patients to easily download blood glucose testing results form their meter directly onto a home computer and then compiles patient demographics into seven easy-to-read reports to show patterns and trends in glucose results.

“TRUEmanager’s advanced software is designed to give patients and healthcare professionals an effective tool for monitoring and sharing the data necessary to achieve proper disease control,” said Joe Capper, president and CEO of Home Diagnostics. “With customizable and more comprehensive reporting, TRUEmanager helps people with diabetes keep track of their blood glucose levels, empowering them to live more comfortably with diabetes.”

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