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Jewel-Osco offers flu shots, savings on shopping trip


ITASCA, Ill. Beginning Monday, customers who get a seasonal flu shot at a Jewel-Osco pharmacy received a special invitation to save a total of 20% on a future grocery shopping trip, the grocer, owned and operated by Supervalu, announced Sept. 14.

"This savings opportunity is our way of showing that it really does pay to take care of your health," stated Jeff Bregar, manager, integrated clinical services, Jewel-Osco Pharmacy.

This season, Jewel-Osco will offer flu shots at $24.99 by appointment or on a walk-in basis between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., weekdays and weekends. Select 24-hour pharmacy locations can provide flu shots around the clock.

After receiving a seasonal flu shot, customers will receive a 20% discount coupon when they take advantage of any one of the following services that can help jump-start or renew plans for a healthier lifestyle:

  • Transfer or fill a new prescription at Jewel-Osco Pharmacy;
  • Receive another immunization, including the vaccines that can prevent pneumonia, shingles, tetanus or meningitis;
  • Complete a private medication review with a Jewel-Osco pharmacist;
  • Complete JEWEL-OSCO's Tools for Living Healthy With Diabetes education program; or
  • Receive an in-store health screening for cholesterol, thyroid dysfunction, prostate cancer, blood glucose or A1C.

"While the opportunity for immediate grocery savings can be significant to many of our customers, the long-term benefits of health maintenance and preventative care measures are far greater," Bregar said. "Good health is priceless."

In addition to the grocery savings offer, customers will also receive a flu, cough and cold survival kit (while supplies last). The kit, valued at $30, includes free samples, coupons and tips for staying healthy during the upcoming cold and flu season.

The grocery savings opportunity is an extension of Jewel-Osco Pharmacy's commitment to building healthier communities, one individual at a time.

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