MedM Health Cloud integrates Walgreens' Balance Rewards API


DEERFIELD, Ill. - Walgreens on Wednesday announced that MedM Health Cloud has now integrated the Balance Rewards API. 


MedM has built a healthy activity cloud platform, allowing users to track everything from step tracking to blood glucose/pressure monitoring. Walgreens is bringing in an integration that stores healthy activities from more than 200 connected devices. 


“We see Walgreens is making a revolution in remote monitoring by solving a key problem - patients tend to give up any kind of monitoring after a while rendering all tools and technologies useless,” stated Michael Pliskin, chief technology officer, MedM. "By actually rewarding Balance Rewards points directly to patients for tracking their health condition, Walgreens changes the industry landscape completely and we at MedM are happy to be part of it and bring our technology and 200-plus medical device portfolio into the program."


The MedM Platform is a complete remote patient monitoring software package. It includes apps connecting to medical devices, cloud services, cloud portal and a set of EMR/EHR integration APIs. It is compatible with more than 170 medical sensors by 50 vendors.


A state-of-the-art Patient and Caregiver portal is an integral part of MedM Platform. It allows anywhere and anytime web-based access to Patient Health Information and features historic and realtime data views, trend graphs, thresholds and notifications and reports. Cloud Storage is a HIPAA-compliant scalable medical data storage component available in both Cloud and Hosted editions.