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New AZO product slows progression of urinary tract infections


CROMWELL, Conn. -- Leading urinary and vaginal health brand AZO has launched an

over-the-counter drug that helps women play defense when UTI symptoms strike.

AZO Urinary Tract Defense features the only antibacterial UTI ingredient available

without a prescription to help defend against the progression of an infection until a doctor can be consulted.

“One of the active ingredients in AZO Urinary Tract Defense helps fight the bacteria that can cause a UTI,” said Board Certified OB-GYN Dr. Alyssa Dweck. Dr. Dweck regularly recommends AZO products to her patients and has started including AZO Urinary Tract Defense when they begin to experience UTI symptoms – such as pain and burning when urinating, frequency and urgency – to inhibit the infection from worsening until they can come in for treatment.

“The tablets also offer general pain relief to alleviate the discomfort associated with a UTI,” she said. “For women who tend to experience UTIs, the painful symptoms are all too familiar and can often derail a busy work day or family and social obligations,” said Sara Urbanek, marketing manager at i-Health, Inc. the distributor of AZO. “AZO Urinary Tract Defense can help manage the infection, because life doesn’t pause for a UTI.”

New AZO Urinary Tract Defense is available at Target, Walmart, food and drug stores,

and other major retailers. The retail price ranges from $8.47 to $13.49 for a box of 24


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