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Orville Redenbacher expands popcorn lineup


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Orville Redenbacher has introduced four new gourmet popcorn varieties.

Orville's ready to eat popcorn adds the tangy taste of dill, the zesty spice of chipotle, the sweet and savoury decadence of kettle corn and the sharp bite of white cheddar to the iconic popcorn brand's list of innovative products. The new products include Orville Redenbacher's sweet and salty kettlecorn; white cheddar gourmet popcorn; white cheddar chipotle gourmet popcorn and dill pickle gourmet popcorn.

"Orville Redenbacher spent decades testing 30 thousand different types of corn before he settled on the one that made the perfect popcorn back in 1965," Orville Redenbacher Canada senior brand manager Annabelle Nogueira said. "Today people want a snack they can grab and enjoy on the go. They want full flavor and variety. Orville Redenbacher ready-to-eat gourmet popcorn will satisfy any snack craving, and as Orville always said, you'll like it better, or our name isn't Orville Redenbacher."

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