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Q&A: At the front-end

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The National Community Pharmacists Association recently unleashed a new front-end program that has seen more than 20% growth in test pilots. 
Driving that program is 35-year retail veteran Gabe Trahan, NCPA senior director of store operations and marketing. Drug Store News caught up with Trahan to discuss the kinds of tools that can be 
accessed as part of the new program. 

DSN: What are the primary elements?

Gabe Trahan: This initiative has all kinds of layers. When you go to our [Web] page, you’ll find one-page tips on an array of subjects. ... Another great part of this is that people are starting to take part of the program. We have a [tool] called the “Overhaul Hall of Fame” ... stores are sending us pictures of products they’ve merchandised and had success [with]. ... It’s all there as an inspiration. ... The final [aspect] is we’re offering store visits. If you really need someone to come down and walk and talk with you, we can do that ... and that comes with six months of follow-up and support.

DSN: How do you customize the program when the actual selling space is such a significant variable?

Trahan: The basics are needed by everybody. Whether you’re a 1,200-sq.-ft. store or 15,000-sq.-ft. store, you still have to meet the needs of your customers. One-out-of-every-6 people ... move each year. Small store or big store, you need to 
attract these new people who are moving into 
your hometown.

DSN: How do you match front-end mixes to nearby specialty practices?

Trahan: We find out what the practices are, what [the independent’s] floor plan is going to be and the expected displays of merchandise and categories. From there we’re going to put together a plan 
for [that independent]. ... We think we can help most people.

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