Survey: Bargain shoppers reshape grocery experience


SAN FRANCISCO — A new study released Thursday by MarketTools found that 63% of shoppers said they have changed their shopping habits in the past six months, with the majority reporting changes to seek more value.

According to the study, respondents reported that they buy items with coupons (80%); buy store brands instead of name brands (62%); use store loyalty cards that offer discounts (62%); buy items only when they are on sale (58%); and buy more large-sized products (43%) to save money on grocery bills.

In the search for bargains, shoppers reported that the reason they purchased store brands is to get better value (59% of respondents) and a more attractive price (56%). Additionally, more than two-thirds (67%) of respondents said they use coupons for at least half of their shopping trips, and nearly half (49%) said they use coupons on every, or nearly every, shopping trip. However, many shoppers don't see coupons as an incentive to try something new: 49% said that a coupon would not prompt them to buy an item they don't normally buy.

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