Tide seeks to transform laundry with new product


CINCINNATI — Procter & Gamble this week launched Tide Pods, a three-chamber liquid unit dose detergent.

Drawing inspiration from innovation in such areas as industrial design and technology, Tide Pods were designed to bring laundry in line with other innovations that have enhanced consumers’ daily lives, P&G said.

“Through the years, we have introduced new benefits, better cleaning and new scents, but there has been no fundamental shift in how we do laundry in years,” said Alex Keith, North American general manager of fabric care at P&G. “We needed an invention that simplified the chore by handling the complexity of laundry.”

P&G said Tide will be promote the new product with an ad campaign dubbed “Pop in. Stand out,” which invites consumers to simply “pop” the product into the washing machine and see the resulting “stand out” clean.

“More than any other Company, we are able to innovate for the way everyday life is lived,” P&G chief technology officer Bruce Brown said. “We have never strayed from our pursuit to improve the lives of the world’s consumers.”

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