What your shoppers say about you: Meet C2B Mobile Insights


“We want to make sure we’re talking to our members where and how they want to be spoken to.”

That was something Sam’s Club VP health and family care Jason Reiser said to me for the special report we did on the company that appeared on the cover of our April 2 issue. In case you missed it, you can download the full report here.

Sam’s Club isn’t the only one that feels that way. The Drug Store News Group feels the same way — except for us it’s not about members; it’s about our readers and users, both in print and online. 

Case in point: Perhaps you’ve noticed the videos we have been producing as part of our new DSN.TV Executive Viewpoint Series, like the one we did in support of our Sam’s Club report or the one we did with CVS Caremark president and CEO Larry Merlo for our March 12 exclusive report on that company. It’s an exciting new way for us to communicate with our users — the way they want to connect with us.

One area we know our readers and users want more help is consumer insights — what can we tell you about what the consumer is doing today and how they will behave tomorrow. 

That is why we are so excited to introduce DSN C2B Mobile Insights. Powered by the Engage.Me mobile-enabled/geo-trackable platform, C2B Mobile Insights is connecting with consumers in real time where they live and shop via their smartphones. How does it work? Through our partner Engage.Me’s extensive network of users, we can ask thousands of consumers all over the country — or target one specific area or region if we want to — anything we want about how they shop, what they buy and how new products, news events and various trends are reshaping those decisions everyday. 

Check out our latest C2B Mobile Insights report here. Given all the attention around the hotly contested Express Scripts-Medco merger, we thought we’d ask our C2B consumer reporters, if all things were equal and every pharmacy accepted their insurance, what would be the most important factors in choosing a pharmacy? What you see here is just a taste. If you want the complete results, you’ll have to log on to to DrugStoreNews.com to see the full report, including how many are using multiple pharmacies and why; what they like — and what they hate — about their primary pharmacy; what they expect when shopping for OTCs; and how they feel about pharmacist consultations. 

DSN C2B Mobile Insights is a new, monthly, premium content feature for registered DrugStoreNews.com users. C2B Mobile Insights also is available for special customized reports. To learn more about how to utilize C2B Mobile Insight’s field research capabilities for your company, contact me at [email protected].

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