What’s Next? Act now to improve clinical and business results

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What’s Next? Act now to improve clinical and business results


Connecting customers with industry experts and peers, McKesson ideaShare 2017 featured 30 CE courses and more than 100 educational sessions on the show floor. Ranging from theater sessions to small group seminars to “Do-it-with-me” workshops, the conference provided a record number of attendees with tangible information and best practices to put into action for immediate results.

To help attendees get the most out of the conference, McKesson created a mobile app that helped match customer interests with McKesson and Health Mart content and solutions. The app also gave attendees the ability to conduct an assessment of where their pharmacy was in terms of clinical and financial performance, and set goals based on what matters most to their business. Nearly 2,000 attendees downloaded the McKesson ideaShare app, and nearly 1,000 completed the Roadmap Assessment prior to the meeting.

Tangible ideas to impact performance and business profitability today

Based on their answers, the app makes recommendations for a 12-month plan to help improve a pharmacy’s performance and profits. This new tool saves time and gives pharmacists ideas by pre-populating strategies and tactics that can be implemented. Owners had the option of completing this plan on their own or collaborating with peers in a 45-minute Roadmap Planning Session designed to help attendees get the tools and knowledge they need to evolve their business and increase profitability in the changing pharmacy landscape. Some 200 owners participated in Roadmap Planning Sessions and identified the following objectives to work on in the coming year:

Objective 1:

84%    Generate X dollars in additional revenue

48%    Increase or maintain my profits by X dollars

15%    Make more time to enjoy life outside of work (family, faith, travel etc.)

5%    Make time to increase clinical and patient interactions

7%    Reduce expenses by X dollars

Objective 2:

44%    Improve cash flow

38%    Increase or maintain my profits by X dollars

26%    Make time to increase clinical and patient interactions

18%    Buy another store, sell a store and/or retire

18%    Make more time to enjoy life outside of work (family, faith, travel etc.)

17%    Reduce expenses by X dollars

When asked about the Roadmap Planning sessions, own owner said,”Just what I needed to help me understand the numbers in my monthly reports and how they relate.”

“Fantastic energy, quality presentation. I highly recommend the whole profit mastery module,” offered another pharmacist. “Amazing speaker! Gave an engaging presentation with ideas I can take home to improve my business,” added another owner.

“The key to these Roadmap Sessions is that they focused on what Health Mart pharmacists and owners planned to implement once they got back to their pharmacies. These sessions often featured very lively discussions among peers about which strategies were most critical and how to overcome roadblocks they may have experienced before,” said Crystal Lennartz, Health Mart’s chief pharmacist. “This process is extremely valuable, and if they haven’t done it already, we encourage all of our pharmacies to complete the Roadmap Planning Assessment to develop their own action plan.”

Inject profits into your business with expanded partnerships and clinical services

Lennartz also encouraged owners to keep networking with their peers, to continue sharing best practices and attend Health Mart’s upcoming Town Hall series, “Revenue Remedies.”   The fourth series, with meetings around the country, will give attendees the skills to overcome barriers to maximize clinical services to drive revenue while improving patient outcomes.  Open to all independent pharmacists and technicians, and led by peer pharmacists, the CE event will provide practical advice to drive more revenue from vaccines, MTM and expanded partnerships with providers.

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