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Nordic Naturals joins 40th annual California Coastal Cleanup

The company will lead a beach cleanup event in Santa Cruz in September.
coastal cleanup
coastal cleanup

Nordic Naturals recently announced its participation in the 40th Annual California Coastal Cleanup on Sept. 21, led by the California Coastal Commission. As a California-based company, Nordic Naturals is excited to "ride the wave" of this important endeavor by leading a beach cleanup event in Santa Cruz as part of their contribution to this state-wide initiative.

“California Coastal Cleanup aligns perfectly with Nordic’s commitment to our values of environmental stewardship and sustainable practices," said Amy Mirialakis, director of sales at Nordic Naturals. “In an effort to get more hands on with our mission, we are uniting our team and key retailer partners to take part in this important beach cleanup initiative.”

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The California Coastal Cleanup is an annual event that aims to protect and enhance California's coast and ocean for present and future generations. Volunteers pick up trash from California's coasts and inland waterways while recording the types of trash they find. This data helps policymakers and the public make informed decisions about reducing plastic production and pollution. To date, Coastal Cleanup Day has successfully diverted millions of pounds of plastic debris from the ocean and shoreline.

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Nordic Naturals said it has a long-standing commitment to the environment and sustainable sourcing. The company's corporate practices include sustainable sourcing of ingredients and eco-friendly packaging approaches. Nordic's manufacturing facility in Arctic Norway has been recognized for its progressive use of green technology. All fish oil products are Friend of the Sea certified.

Nordic Naturals said it is committed to combating marine pollution, as up to 80% of it stems from land-based sources like runoff, sewage and waste. By employing responsible fishing methods, such as line and net fishing, to prevent seafloor and ecosystem damage, Nordic Naturals said it distinguishes itself from practices like bottom trawling and dredging.

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Anyone is welcome to join Nordic Naturals and participate in the California Coastal Cleanup on Sept. 21 by signing up on the California Coastal Commission “Join a Cleanup” page.

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