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Nouri’s Inner Immune focuses on proactive immune support


Nouri wants to help its users with its proactive immune support.

To achieve that goal, the company is debuting its daily, proactive immune solution — Inner Immune.

Created to be a proactive solution that supports the immune system through gut health, the brand’s latest launch combines vitamins and minerals with prebiotics and probiotics, as well as an immunobiotic, the Atlanta-based company said.

“While consumers generally relate gut health to digestive issues, science continues to show that it effects much more,” Nouri’s leader of science, David Keller, said. "Seventy percent of the immune system resides in your gut and thus, a healthy gut equates to a healthier immune system."

Other ingredients in the product include L-Glutamine, beta-glucan and colostrum IgG power, as well as plant substitutes for sugar.

“My goal is to help this generation get ahead of problems that are bound to come. It’s not a matter of if our bodies will be challenged, it's a matter of if we are equipping our bodies to respond properly,” Caroline Beckman, founder of Nouri, said. “Inner Immune is really exciting for us. We are already seeing the great potential that we will have to reach more people and help them in a proactive way. There has never been a more urgent time for this solution.”

Delivered in a powder format that can be dissolved into water, smoothies or any other beverage, Inner Immune and other Nouri offerings can be found online at, and at all Whole Foods Market locations.

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