Ohnut, Zimba impress buyers at ECRM Personal Care program

At the July show, Ohnut won the DSN/ECRM Buyers’ Choice Award for its Buffer product and Zimba was a finalist for its Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips.
David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Ohnut won the Drug Store News/ECRM Buyers' Choice Award for its Buffer sexual wellness wearable during ECRM’s Personal Care, Grooming, Oral & Travel/Trial Program held in July. Zimba was a finalist for its Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips.

The products were selected from dozens of entries submitted by participating suppliers. Buyers were able to evaluate each entry and cast their votes based on product packaging and innovation via the Drug Store News-branded Buyers' Choice Awards section of the ECRM Connect platform.


“Sexual wellness and oral care are trending categories within personal care,” said Craig Chmielowicz, ECRM senior vice president of health and beauty care. “Our Buyers' Choice Award winners are great examples of the continued innovation within those segments. Congrats to both winners.”

Ohnut aims to uplift the conversation about sexual health as a matter of overall wellness, offering wearables focused on patient care and human connection.

Buffer, the company's flagship product, was created in collaboration with pelvic specialists to help customize penetration depth during sexual activity. For those experiencing pain when penetration goes too deep, Buffer gives couples the ability to stack one to four soft rings around a penetrating partner or device, which compress down during penetration. The rings stay outside the body and can be added or removed at any time during any position so that users can control penetration depth.

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Zimba is on a mission to inspire confidence and brighten smiles with safe, effective and innovative whitening products that use clean ingredients, are cruelty-free and vegan, and do not have an expensive price tag. According to the company, its products cost 40% to 60% less than its competitors.

Its Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips are enamel-safe and made with coconut oil to nourish teeth and gums, making them ideal for sensitive teeth. They are also non-slip so users can apply it and go about their day. Each box contains 28 strips (14 treatments) and comes in a variety of flavors.