On/Go launches Sniffles

Sniffles diagnoses and treats cough, the common cold and other upper respiratory conditions from home, or on the go.

On/Go, a health technology platform known for at-home rapid COVID-19 test-to-treat solutions, has expanded its offerings with the launch of Sniffles, which the company describes as "a quick fix for whatever gets you sniffling."

Individuals can get diagnosed, treated and obtain medical solutions for cough, cold, sore throat, headache, flu and a variety of other upper respiratory conditions.

On/Go’s Sniffles helps users sleep better, reduce fever, get congestion relief, soothe an itchy throat, calm dry and chapped lips, relax and even boost the immune system with an all-in-one solution of medication, at-home testing and immediate access to 24/7 expert medical care, anytime anywhere, the company said.

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When needed, Sniffles also offers 24/7 telehealth services (no health insurance required), seamless integration with CVS MinuteClinic for in-person support, and $75 worth of remedies, medications and devices – for $39.99. 

At launch, Sniffles is available through leading rapid delivery retailers such as DoorDash, Amazon and Walmart.com and directly through On/Go app and snifflesfix.com.

“Over the past few years, Americans have been plagued by a sea of upper respiratory illness while the flu, RSV and COVID Tridemic continues to periodically overwhelm the healthcare systems,” said Ron Gutman, co-founder and CEO of Intrivo and the inventor of On/Go. “With learnings we’ve accumulated from serving more than 100 million people and years of research and development, we’ve created the most accessible all-in-one solution to rapidly tackle upper respiratory ailments. Through a combination of trusted essential medications, top-of-the-line devices and 24/7 telehealth access, we’re helping Sniffles users get diagnoses and have their symptoms treated rapidly, efficiently, and cost effectively.”

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Intrivo, On/Go’s parent company, also is offering special programs for employers and government agencies to help reduce employee sickness and unnecessary suffering, as well as unplanned PTO, which result in up to $700 savings per employee each year. Employers can calculate their cost savings by using Sniffles’ savings calculator.

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