Optimum Nutrition’s On Gold Standard 100% Whey unveils new look

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Optimum Nutrition’s On Gold Standard 100% Whey unveils new look


Users of Optimum Nutrition’s whey protein may notice a new look to the product hitting shelves.

The Downers Grove, Ill.-based company unveiled a new package design for its On Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder.

Although the formula and the signature black tub hasn’t changed, the product features an updated logo design that’s meant to modernize the brand and clearly communicate its benefits to consumers, the company said.

"For decades, ON has produced high-quality sports nutrition products and enforced ingredient transparency and label accuracy," Sarah Teeter, the director of marketing for ON said. "As a proven leader in sports nutrition, ON aims to educate current and new product users about the benefits of supplementation."

Changes to the label were made in order to make it more informative, as well as address potential purchase barriers by including a clear call-out of the benefits it offers on the front of the label, the company said.

Other updates include the addition of the Optimum Nutrition brand name and the logo lock-up and increased flavor-bar visibility.

"ON has been a leader in sports nutrition for more than thirty years and we are proud of our history," Teeter said. "But we are a brand that constantly innovates and breaks new ground, and our packaging now better reflects our role on the leading edge of sports nutrition."

New label rollouts are expected to hit select retailers first and expand nationwide by 2020.