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Ortega reimagines taco shells with cauliflower, corn


Ortega is mixing up its taco shells by incorporating cauliflower into the taco night staple with its cauliflower and corn taco shells and cauliflower and flour tortillas.

To accompany this new take on the beloved food, the Parsippany, N.J.-based company also is rolling out a new line of its Street Taco sauces — asada 3 chile and garlic, tinga chipotle tomato habanero, and mojo chile lime.

“Ortega cauliflower and corn taco shells and Ortega cauliflower and flour tortillas, paired with our new Ortega Street Taco Sauces and Ortega Taco Pizza Kit, will give families the opportunity to add some fun to taco night with bold, contemporary flavors and thoughtful ingredients,” said Jordan Greenberg, chief commercial officer and executive vice president at B&G Foods. “We are excited to introduce innovation to the Mexican category to give consumers more options in customizing their tacos.”

Both the cauliflower and corn taco shells and cauliflower and flour tortillas now are available at grocery stores nationwide, alongside the Street Taco sauces.

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