21st Century introduces ReNourish line of protein powders


TEMPE, Ariz. —  21st Century HealthCare last month launched a new line of protein powders under the brand umbrella ReNourish. The protein powders, offered in both Wellness and Sport formulas, are gluten-free with no aspartame or added soy, the company stated. 

“Since our launch, we’ve had great response from consumers on the exceptional chocolate and vanilla flavors of our ReNourish protein powders over other brands,” stated Leanne Wilhardt, president, 21st Century HealthCare. “Our naturally flavored products not only taste great, but work effectively as well," she said. “With 18 grams of protein and only 110 calories per serving, ReNourish protein powders are a perfect nutritional fit for weight-conscious athletes and workout warriors, as well as adults pursuing a healthier lifestyle.”

ReNourish Wellness 100% Whey Protein features 18 grams of protein, added B-vitamins and minerals, and a low-calorie formula to support overall health. ReNourish Sport 100% Whey Protein features 20 grams of protein and an amino acid, performance blend that includes 3 grams of creatine, taurine and l-glutamine for support during intense training and faster recovery after workouts.

Both lines are available in chocolate and vanilla flavors.


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