2012 season peaks late


As of the beginning of February, the cough-cold season had yet to materialize and illness levels were only just beginning to climb. If that’s the case, then an expected illness peak in late February/early March would make the 2011-2012 cough, cold and flu season one of the later-peaking seasons in recent years.

As of Jan. 21, overall incidence of upper respiratory illness this season was down 7.5% according to IMS Health, as compared with the 2010-2011 season.

The 2011 fall allergy season leading into 2012 was relatively flat as compared with a strong 2010 fall season. And this spring allergy season is expected to recover from a slow 2011 season, Scott Hanslip, IMS Consumer Health director sales, told Drug Store News. “We’re expecting a fairly strong spring [allergy season] in 2012. We’re going to see more of a turn back to normalized conditions,” he said. 

Two cough-cold subcategories that may deserve a look for the coming season are asthma and hand sanitization. Both IMS Health and King Bio will be marketing their asthma-care offerings — Azma.com and AsthmaCare, respectively. And GoJo Industries will be revitalizing its line of hand sanitizers for next season with an Advanced Purell line.



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