Abbott intros ZonePerfect Keto shakes, powders

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Abbott intros ZonePerfect Keto shakes, powders

By David Salazar - 06/10/2019
Abbott’s latest product line is tailored to consumers adhering to the high-fat, moderate-protein and low-carb keto diet. The company recently introduced ZonePerfect Keto, a line of products made with 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs, a combination of macronutrients the company said is balanced to help the body enter ketosis to burn fat instead of carbs for fuel.

“Following keto takes attention to detail and persistent intake of very high fat and very little carb to yield optimal results. ZonePerfect Keto was formulated with a proven blend to support ketosis to help make the keto lifestyle easier,” said Pam Nisevich, a registered dietitian and keto expert with Abbott. “Being mindful of nutrition is life-changing, and ZonePerfect products, like our new Keto shakes and powders, can play a major part in the success of your personal health journey.”

ZonePerfect Keto products contain 3 g of carbs, 17-18 g of fat and 10 g of protein per serving. The shakes come in white chocolate coconut, butter coffee and pineapple coconut flavors. The powder packets in the line are available in vanilla frosting and white chocolate cream flavors.

Abbott’s ZonePerfect Keto line has launched into Target stores nationwide, as well as Publix stores, and