AliveCor incorporates AI into consumer diagnostics offering


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – AliveCor on Thursday announced the U.S. release of Kardia Pro, an artificial intelligence-enabled platform for doctors to monitor patients for the early detection of atrial fibrillation.

“To manage heart disease and stroke risk, leading cardiologists want to see more than just ECGs from their patients,” stated Vic Gundotra, AliveCor CEO. “Kardia Pro tracks important measures of physiology like weight, activity and blood pressure, and, for the first time, AI technology is used to create a personal heart profile for each user, enabling user identification," he said. "The new platform enables doctors to be better doctors and patients to be more active participants in their own heart health, driving healthcare forward into the 21st century.”

The company also announced $30 million in new funding, led by Omron Healthcare and Mayo Clinic, fueling the company’s mission to improve the quality of care in the fight against heart disease and stroke. AliveCor will use the additional capital to accelerate innovations in heart health and continue the rapid expansion of the business.

“We are establishing new partnerships to redefine the role of technology in heart health as part of our Going for Zero mission," noted Ranndy Kellogg, Omron Healthcare CEO. "Partnering with AliveCor advances our path forward to build robust software programs that play a dynamic role in expanding heart health awareness, transforming the patient and caregiver dynamic and taking real steps toward eliminating heart attack and stroke.”

AliveCor’s AI technology will make it easier for doctors to detect changes early and practice preventative medicine.


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