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Almond Pro expects consumers to go nuts over its latest protein powder


MIAMI - Almond Pro on Tuesday launched its Almond Protein Powder with two flavors – chocolate and vanilla – that will be available on the company's website and on Amazon.

"What really excites everyone behind the project is that something like this has never been done before," stated Caulen Foster, president and CEO Almond Pro. "The response we received after releasing our Organic High Protein Almond Flour [last year] was amazing, so we knew we had to set the bar really high for our next product. I feel extremely confident in saying that we hit the mark with this one."

Each serving of Almond Protein Powder contains 19 grams of almond protein, 6 grams of natural fiber and 14 essential vitamins and minerals, and is made from real almonds – not just almond flavor.

What really separates Almond Pro products from the competition is their much lower fat to protein ratio, which is made possible by the company's "pressurized extraction" technique. Using this artisanal method, the company significantly reduces the amount of fat contained in its almonds, thereby increasing the protein content of its products.

Almond Protein Powder doesn't have any artificial colors and flavors, or fillers that increase volume without adding nutritional value. The product is also gluten free and vegan friendly, non-GMO and contains no lactose, dairy or soy – making it a good choice for anyone with food sensitivities. Plus, consumers watching their macronutrient intake have a healthier, more ethical alternative than typical protein powders.

Currently in development are several new flavors of Almond Protein Powder, the company stated.

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