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Anlit launches Omega Bites under Meijer own brand umbrella


TEL-AVIV, Israel — Anlit on Monday introduced Omega Bites under the Meijer supermarket's children's label. Omega Bites are a high-DHA+EPA omega-3 supplement in a single, fish-shaped orange-chocolate flavored chewable for children.

"The opportunity to launch Omega-3 Bites across the Meijer chain is possible thanks to Anlit's expertise in children's supplements," stated Shai Karlinski, VP sales and marketing for Anlit. "We specialize in creating entirely new concepts of supplements for kids," he said. "We truly understand what children want and don't want. Kids want a surprise, a treat - not a pill. ... Omega Bites have an enjoyable flavor and provide a complete, safe supplement."

The concentrated formula delivers a total of 150mg of highly concentrated DHA (60mg) and EPA (90mg) omega-3 fatty acids per single serving.

Innova Market Insights reports that the supplements category dominates the cognitive health space, with 230% growth in this category between 2011 and 2015. The main growth segment is products for babies and toddlers. Omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins are the fastest-growing ingredients included in cognitive health products for all ages.


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