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BestSweet celebrates 20 years in business


This month BestSweet, maker of confections and “nutraceuticals,” announced that it is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

BestSweet has created all sorts of candies from chocolate Knuts to such gummy items as the Original Gummi Watch. Currently the company manufactures Baskin-Robbins candy products.

For the last two decades, BestSweets has also produced health items such as cough drops that it calls nutraceuticals.

“Since we do have such strength in the innovation of the confectionery products, we have been able to leverage those abilities to the benefit of products that promote healthier living,” Overly said. “What it all comes down to is ensuring that we develop products that consumers love while supporting a variety of lifestyle needs—regardless if it’s a vitamin or candy product. Our people take that objective into account in every product we sell.”

The company, originally based in South Africa, first opened its doors in Mooresville, N.C. in 1988.

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