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Bio Beverages launches ExtenZe drink


MONROVIA, Calif. Bio Beverages announced earlier this week the launch of ExtenZe Male Enhancement Drink—the first male-enhancement beverage to reach the market, according to the company.

“We are very excited about this drink,“ stated Michael Nelson, Bio Beverage president. “It's a whole new category, which is untapped. We put a lot of effort into not just making it work amazingly, but also making it taste great.”

Bio Beverages has tapped Inter/Media Advertising to promote the new product beginning in April, with an overall budget of $25 million. Inter/Media is currently looking to place 30-second spots on national cable, syndication, local spot television and national radio.

ExtenZe Male Enhancement Drink will be sold at such retailers as GNC stores, groceries, convenience stores and gas stations. It will also be sold in vending machines and served at selected bars and restaurants.

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