CHPA calls for new drug path for CBD, dietary ingredient status

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CHPA calls for new drug path for CBD, dietary ingredient status

By David Salazar - 04/08/2019
Ahead of the Food and Drug Administration’s planned public hearing about cannabis, the Consumer Health Products Association is sharing its position on how it thinks the agency should view CBD.

“The CHPA board of directors recently approved a position statement for the association regarding CBD and hemp oil, calling on FDA to establish clear regulatory pathways for CBD as a new dietary ingredient,” CHPA said. “CHPA also supports the new drug path for cannabis-derived products that make disease-related claims, either prescription or OTC, which are supported by appropriate evidence with FDA-approved labeling.”

CHPA noted that the existing drug approval process offers a way for companies to develop data to bring their cannabis-based products to market once they’re shown to be safe and effective. Though CHPA agrees with the FDA’s position that CBD can’t be included as an ingredient in a dietary supplement, the organization said the FDA has authority to regulate CBD as a lawful dietary supplement ingredient and would support such a move.

CHPA also said CBD manufacturers making products that purport to be supplements could undermine consumer confidence and pose a risk, and said the FDA should increase enforcement actions against supplements that claim to contain CBD, especially those making unlawful and unsubstantiated claims.

“It’s our belief that FDA and stakeholders should work together to further develop pathways for hemp and CBD-containing products, both medicines and dietary supplements, to safely reach consumers,’ CHPA said. “We look forward to learning more about FDA’s CBD working group and providing our perspective moving forward.”