Contour Next expands diabetes reach through UnitedHealthcare

Ascensia Diabetes Care’s Contour Next blood glucose monitor is now available to patients covered by UnitedHealthcare commercial plans. Prior to this change, UnitedHealthcare members were unable to obtain the Contour Next portfolio of meters and test strips, unless a Prior Authorization was approved by the plan.

“We are working together with UnitedHealthcare to help their members with diabetes obtain the highly-accurate Contour Next test strips and meters so that they can effectively manage their diabetes,” said Robert Schumm, vice president and managing director of Ascensia Diabetes Care US, which operates out of Basel, Switzerland. “This change will give more people the opportunity to access these products, and at a reasonable cost.”

Specifically, individuals enrolled in UnitedHealthcare commercial plans will have access to these products through their pharmacy benefit at a Tier 2 copay level.

Contour Next can connect mobile devices via Bluetooth to make management easier for patients, the company said, noting that its expanded availability will be a boon for patients manging their diabetes. The Contour Diabetes app collects, stores and analyzes patient blood glucose measurements received from the meter. The company said this data can be used to identify patterns and trends that could help patients better understand how their daily activities affect their blood glucose.

The system includes a smartLIGHT that to provides instant feedback on results, reminders and alerts, as well as a logbook where patients can record meals, activities and medication. Patients also can set up an online account to manage and store their data, as well as have a PDF summary emailed to their caregiver or healthcare professional.