CPR examines performance of cold/allergy/sinus


Drug Store News has partnered with Competitive Promotion Report and IRI to create a series of exclusive reports. This edition explores cold/allergy/sinus products in both the liquid/powder and tablets/packets segments. This report examines market performance of the top national brands within the cold/allergy/sinus category in the drug channel for the past 24 months. Following are the major findings in the analysis.

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The top five brands in terms of dollar sales in cold/allergy/ sinus liquid/powder category are Vicks, Mucinex, Nasacort, Dimetapp and Benadryl. Nasacort has shown strong dollar sales growth since its introduction in February 2014. Nasacort has entered the market with higher average retail price ($17.45) and list price ($13.45) than major competing brands in its category. In spite of being a new product with highest average retail and list price, Nasacort has dollar sales equivalent to the second-highest brand Mucinex.

Considering year-over-year retailer margin dollar growth, Vicks and Mucinex have shown positive margin dollar growth. Nasacort stands as the third highest brand with positive margin growth for the past 52 weeks. Nasacort has steadily increased its average retailer margin percentage from 5.73% in February 2014 to 31.93% in January 2015.

In terms of dollar sales for the past 52 weeks, Vicks has the highest dollar sales followed by Mucinex and Nasacort. This is attributed to having a large variety of products under Vicks and Mucinex brands that adds to aggregate dollar sales amount for each brand in the category.

In the cold/allergy/sinus tablets/packets category, Zyrtec is the biggest performer in terms of dollar sales. Zyrtec has displayed strong dollar sales growth compared with a year ago (2.25%), Alka Seltzer (8.58%) and Allegra D (5.27%). Allegra D provided retailers with highest average retailer margins of (37.29%), followed by Claritin D (33.80%), Zyrtec (29.11%), Mucinex D (27.13%) and Alka Seltzer (26.03%). Zyrtec has increased retailer margin dollars year-over-year from $30 million in January 2014 to $41 million in January 2015. In comparison, Mucinex DM remained stable at $6.6 million.

Year-over-year trade promotion spending has decreased for Allegra D compared with 2014. Despite having less trade promotion (bill back and off invoice allowances), retailer margin has increased over time for the brand. Mucinex DM has the greatest promotional spending at approximately $11 million, followed by Zyretc at $8 million. Mucinex DM provided the highest average percentage discount at 23.23%, followed by Alka Seltzer (14.55%), Benadryl (12.57%), Allegra D (9.24 %) and Zyrtec (7%). The Mucinex brand has the highest promotional spending and average percentage discount compared with other leading national brands.

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