CRN adds 11 companies to membership roster

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CRN adds 11 companies to membership roster

By David Salazar - 05/13/2019
The Council for Responsible Nutrition has added 11 companies to its ranks. New members comprise seven voting members, three associate members and one international member.

New voting members include:

  • CV Sciences, whose consumer products division offers CBD products under its PlusCBD Oil brand of hemp extract supplements and topical products;

  • Morre-tec Industries, a supplier of colors, functional ingredients, excipients and minerals for supplements, food and beverages, including water-soluble vitamins A, D3 and E for milk fortification and fine-particle tricalcium phosphate and plant proteins, among others, for supplements and infant formula;

  • Natural Remedies, which makes such brands as Turmacin for joint health, Gutgard for gut health, BacoMind for cognitive wellness, AP-Bio for immune health and Ocibest for stress management;

  • Novozume, which focuses on research, development and production of industrial enzymes and microorganisms;

  • Oleo, which offers powdered beverages infused with its OleoCBD. Including the flavorless Original Mix. OleoCBD is designed to mask any aftertaste and double the bioavailability of the CBD. It also supplies OleoCBD to companies looking to formulate with CBD;

  • OmniActive Health Technologies, which focuses on research, extraction, purification and isolation of active compounds, with a focus on sustainability and integrated supply chains to ensure its ingredients meet rigorous standards, including Non-GMO Project and USP for dietary supplements; and

  • Solara Labs, which offers custom development and manufacturing for the dietary supplement industry, including the first line of fast-melting tablets in the nutraceutical market, EZ Melts and BariMetls, which is designed to support bariatric patients after weight-loss surgery. It also sells Renzo’s, a line of fast-melting vitamins for children.

New associate members include:

  • Chestnut Communications, a full-service advertising agency focused on healthcare, food and cosmetic products;

  • Demetrix, which uses baker’s yeast and fermentation, as well as proprietary automation and computing tools, to make rare molecules common in an effort to improve affordable access to rare natural ingredients; and

  • Hyman Phelps & McNamara, a Washington, D.C.-based law firm that advises clients on regulatory requirements of the Food and Drug Administration, Federal Trade Commission and state agencies. It also reperesents clients in civil and criminal litigation.

The new international member is Daberlic, a leading manufacturer of patented oxygen skin care products that include Aquaftem and Novaftem Oxygen Complex, as well as health care products, functional nutrition, food supplements and clothing.