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EAS embraces high-fat, ketogenic nutrition plan with new shake mix


ABBOTT PARK, Ill. - EAS Sports Nutrition on Tuesday launched Myoplex Ketogenic shake to appeal to fitness enthusiasts who are embracing a high-fat, ketogenic nutrition plan.

A ketogenic regimen is high in fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates. The purpose of the regimen is to shift the body from relying on glucose for energy to instead tapping into stored fat. As the body breaks down more fats as a source of energy, this naturally results in formation of ketone bodies by the liver. The ketones enter the blood, referred to as ketosis, and then can be used as a fuel source by the body to replace some of the needs originally supplied by glucose.

Some studies have shown that a ketogenic plan can help increase fat burning during exercise, mobilizing fat stores for energy use. Since the body can store more fat than glycogen, endurance, strength and physique athletes can potentially access those vast energy reserves without continually refueling with carbohydrates during exercise.  

"The ketogenic diet has been around for many years and research suggests that certain types of athletes can achieve high levels of physical performance on the regimen," stated Steve Hertzler, chief scientific officer for EAS. "Myoplex Ketogenic delivers an optimal ratio of nutrients needed to maintain the regimen and help attain the desired benefits."

"Our mission is to make products that help athletes reach their goals and perform at their best," said Tim Monk, general manager of EAS. "The ketogenic diet can be tough for athletes on the go and leading busy lives. Myoplex Ketogenic comes in a portable, keto-friendly meal replacement packet and is supported by meal plans and tips to help athletes on the regimen."


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