Eating healthier, losing weight two of top three 2017 resolutions


NEW YORK – This year the top New Year's resolutions among American adults all revolve around two main themes: health and money, Harris Poll reported Thursday. Most commonly, adults are resolving to eat healthier (29%), save more money (25%), lose weight (24%), drink more water (21%) and/or pay down debt (17%). Slightly less common resolutions are to spend more time with family/friends (15%), become more organized (15%), travel more (15%), read more (14%) and/or improve relationships (14%).

While men and women are equally likely to set any resolution this year, women are significantly more likely than men to say they’ve resolved to:

  • Eat healthier (33% vs. 23%);

  • Save more money (29% vs. 21%);

  • Lose weight (29% vs. 18%);

  • Pay down debt (19% vs. 14%);

  • Become more organized (17% vs. 12%); and

  • Read more (16% vs. 12%).

These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,241 U.S. adults ages 18+ (including 1,536 21+ adults who drink several times a year or more, i.e., “regular drinkers”) surveyed online between Jan. 12 and 16, 2017.


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