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Epocrates launches OTC drug module


SAN MATEO, Calif. Epocrates on Thursday announced a new over-the-counter drug module enabling physicians and pharmacists to be more prepared for patient questions around use of OTCs.

“There are so many OTC options on the market now to treat ailments like allergies, colds and constipation, it is impossible to keep track of them all,” stated Jeanie Kim, pediatrician. “Especially my practice, I need to know both the active and inactive ingredients, and which flavor is most palatable for a child. Epocrates’ new OTC reference will be a huge help for me and my patients.”

“When customers come in with the flu, sending them down the medication aisle to see 50-plus remedies is not enough,” added pharmacist Fred Hirning. “Epocrates will help me find the right option for them that will not only help relieve their symptoms quickly, but will not cause any adverse reactions or interact with their other medications.”

A clinical demo of Epocrates’ new OTC module, highlighting the risks of acetaminophen toxicity, can be viewed on YouTube:

The module is accessible by most smart phones, including iPhone.

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