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First aid innovations assist in healing time

Medline expands lineup
Medline’s offerings are growing to include several wound care offerings under its Curad brand.
Germ Shield Antimicrobial Wound Gel kills a wide spectrum of microbes, including bacteria, fungus and yeast because surgical site infections are the most common healthcare-associated risks after surgeries, Curad designed the CHG Antiseptic Pre-surgical kit.

The 2-Layer Gloves provide more protection than standard exam gloves offered by retailers, with two layers of latex-free nitrile that provide extra protection.

Soothe & Cool bandages are designed for minor burns. The bandages feature a hydrating, high water-content pad that pulls the heat from the burn, while giving moisture back to help the healing process. This product also can be used to soothe and protect blisters and skin abrasions.

QuickStop! blood clotting products offer a quick and natural solution to help stop bleeding fast. They feature a new blood-clotting technology called M•doc, or micro dispersed oxidized cellulose. Available in bandage or spray form, QuickStop! rapidly absorbs the blood from minor injuries and forms a protective layer to help stop bleeding and reduce the risk of reopening the wound.

Tender offers three new products
The Easy Access First Aid Kit builds upon Tender’s promise to provide fast and effective first aid. This hard-case kit features the patented Easy Care First Aid System and adds an innovative trap door that provides immediate access to the most commonly used first aid supplies. These include Easy Access Bandages, which the company said use Easy Open Technology to make applying adhesive bandages faster and more sanitary. These new innovations significantly reduce the time needed to care for those in need of first aid.

Recognizing the growth in small businesses, Tender has developed an ANSI/OSHA First Aid Kit to meet the needs of small business owners looking to purchase a compliant first aid kit at retail. With the introduction of this medical kit into the drug and mass channels, the company said it is expanding the first aid category to meet a growing consumer need.

Tender also has introduced BandOff bandage and tape remover that solves the long-unmet need of removing bandages easier and pain-free. The formula neutralizes the adhesive, allowing the user to remove the bandage without ripping out hair or causing pain and discomfort.

Simple Science launches antimicrobial therapies
Simple Science offers SkinSmart Antimicrobial Wound Therapy, an antimicrobial liquid that is safe, gentle and easy to use. It utilizes hypochlorous acid technology, which also is used at chronic wound treatment centers. The spray cleans wounds and helps them heal with no mess, and zero harm to the wound bed, which the company said is the drawback of such traditional treatments as iodine, alcohol and other antiseptics.

By not harming the wound bed, and by using a technology that is compatible with the human body — hypochlorous acid is naturally produced in white blood cells — Simple Science said the product offers improved healing conditions for all sorts of wounds.

People with diabetes can spray their feet every day with SkinSmart Antimicrobial Wound Therapy as an antimicrobial foot cleanser and include it as part of a preventive foot care routine. SkinSmart can be used on all skin types.

Also from Simple Science is a skin cleansing treatment for eczema, SkinSmart Antimicrobial Eczema Therapy. The gentle antimicrobial removes excess bacteria often found on skin with eczema, helps relieve itch and promotes healing. It is designed for people whose root cause of eczema is bacteria based, has no steroids and no limitations on use.
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