Goodgut prebiotics gain mass retail distribution


PALO ALTO, Calif. — Greenteaspoon, the team behind Goodgut, on Thursday announced that its clinically-proven line of prebiotic supplements is now available at leading retailers nationwide. 

Goodgut products, which work to help stop "leaky gut" and promote digestive health, have been offered through the company's website and on for the past year. Now, customers have the option to pick up Goodgut prebiotics from their local Walgreens, CVS, Vitamin Shoppe or Meijer stores.

"On behalf of the Goodgut science and R&D team, we're thrilled our customers now have the option to shop for our products at leading national chain outlets within their own neighborhoods," stated Robert Wotring, CEO of Greenteaspoon.  "We believe that the Goodgut product line has the potential to fundamentally transform people's digestive, as well overall, health and well-being – and we are extremely excited that leading drugstore chains have embraced our breakthrough offering," he said. "The fact that Goodgut is now accessible to individuals via the mass consumer marketplace speaks to the retail segment's growing support for what we believe is a truly evolutionary addition ... to the fast-growing prebiotic/probiotic space."

The brand markets multiple formulas designed to help a range of individuals based on their specific digestive profiles and overall gut health needs.

Goodgut Rescue provides rapid help for the sudden onset symptoms of diarrhea, upset stomach, gas and bloating; Goodgut Balance alleviates digestive distress and is designed to help balance daily health; and Goodgut Boost helps to strengthen the immune system.


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