H-E-B exclusive brand TexaClear acquires VanaPain liquid pain relievers


ARLINGTON, Texas - The H-E-B exclusive brand TexaClear on Wednesday expanded into two SKUs of liquid pain relief with the acquired formulas formerly known as VanaPain.

The new branding is complemented by a new and improved taste while still providing the same fast acting, liquid relief for both daytime and nighttime pains, GM Pharmaceuticals announced.

Both formulas contain choline salicylate, which effectively relieves pain and reduces inflammation associated with pain. The daytime formula is combined with the pain reliever aid caffeine, while the nighttime formula is combined with a non-habit forming sleep aid for a restful night's sleep.

In 2014, GM Pharmaceuticals partnered with H-E-B to bring a full line of over-the-counter medications to the market. TexaClear was inspired by the Texas roots of both companies, and their shared vision of bringing innovation to the over-the-counter drug market. The TexaClear brand now consists of more than a dozen multi-symptom relief formulas that deliver liquid fast relief without the use of dyes, gluten, sugar, alcohol, acetaminophen or even artificial flavors.


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