Q&A: Harmony Hemp’s Roundy highlights category poised for growth

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Q&A: Harmony Hemp’s Roundy highlights category poised for growth

Courtney Roundy’s interaction with the ill son of a friend led him to start Harmony Hemp. Now, the company hopes to be at the forefront of the CBD explosion at retail. The category is poised to grow even more in 2019, with the recent Farm Bill allowing legalization and regulation of hemp. Drug Store News talked with Roundy about Harmony Hemp and the category in general.

Drug Store News: Tell us about Harmony Hemp — from the company’s beginnings to where you are now.
Harmony Hemp Courtney RoundyCourtney Roundy: In 2016, I began learning about CBD from my good friend whose son was experiencing positive results treating schizophrenia with CBD. Having known my friend’s son prior to diagnosis and after, it touched my heart, and it would be the catalyst for further research and the development of Harmony Hemp. Research has been Harmony Hemp’s primary differentiator. We have delved into several condition-specific formulations enhanced by CBD as a result of the evidential findings of this remarkable plant and are working on bringing a patented delivery method to market.

With 34 years of food, drug and mass experience and existing vendor relationships among all major retailers, I knew I was in a unique position to bring Harmony Hemp’s vast selection of cross-category products to a larger audience and help as many people as possible with their overall wellness. Our motto is “Treat Your System Not Your Symptoms.”

DSN: You say that everyone should have access to the benefits of hemp? Why?
CR: With the myriad of health issues consumers face today, it is important to provide easy access to natural, safe alternatives to prescription medications. Hemp products containing CBD clearly provide a more traditional, holistic approach in treating many common health issues. Treating the endocannabinoid system with CBD will bring homeostasis to individuals and has been found to be a promising, natural treatment for many common health issues. By providing easy access through our retail partners to this miraculous plant, together we can make a difference in people’s lives.

DSN: How do we get retailers involved in the category?
CR: Historically, CBD has been limited to nontraditional retail outlets and online, which excludes a large segment of the population who could benefit most from CBD. Retailers have an amazing opportunity to introduce quality Harmony Hemp CBD products to their loyal customer base. Trade publications have done a phenomenal job of getting the message across to retailers; it is our job to carry out a more detailed educational piece to our buyers and their wellness teams.

DSN: What about marketing, merchandising?
CR: We realize it is extremely important to build initial customer awareness and trust at store level. Our ad budget is considerable over the next three years, and we are coming in heavy from the start, we have already begun initiating promo calendars for 2019. Our merchandising options are vast. For example, our 50-unit, cross-
category side panel shipper is the most popular with food, drug and mass as it gives our retail partners major exposure of a trusted hemp brand in the categories of personal care, OTC and pet care.

DSN: How are you supporting your products with consumers? Education?
CR: Customer education on lifestyle changes and self-care can help promote consumer wellness. We strive to educate the public on how to “Treat Your System Not Your Symptoms,” and we are working with several physicians to improve the quality of our education materials continuously.

DSN: What do you think the future holds for this category?
CR: Over the course of my career, I have never seen so much attention given to a single product or been approached by more key-level executives in food, drug and mass. I have seen several items come and go that have had considerable hype, momentum and money behind them, but none with more consumer response and genuine efficacy for a customer’s overall well-being. These are very exciting times.