To help prevent future colds, Datapult launches Fitbit-enabled app Achu


TORONTO — Datapult on Wednesday launched the Achu app on both Google Play and iTunes platforms to be used in conjunction with a Fitbit in monitoring a person's health through cold and flu season.

"We realized that there was a significant need for an app that can use the data that we are actively feeding into our health trackers and wearables daily that would really make a difference in predicting our future health, not just seeing what we've done in the past," stated Tony Peticca, founder of Datapult. "Achu uses data from past patterns in our activity that leads to a cold or flu, and enables us to take more control over recognizing those patterns going forward so that we can take the appropriate actions to fight the oncoming illness."

The app pairs symptoms reported by the user – from fatigue to fever – and then uses that user's Fitbit data to alert them when their body is showing signs of an illness, such as a flu or cold, before it actually happens. By tracking patterns in the body leading up to a sickness, this proprietary technology will alert them of their impending illness.

"The more interactive you are with achu, the more accurate it will be in helping you to stay healthy," explained Michael Morra, chief technology officer Datapult. "When you feel tired, achy, feverish, stuffy – whatever the symptom, you calibrate the achu app, and it will then start to match data from past readings. It will then actively monitor your health to look for similar data patterns that suggest that you're getting sick, before you feel an ache or pain," Morra said. "And if you don't have a Fitbit, you can still download the app to get daily health tips to help you stay well, and lead a healthy life."


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