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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals launches Fastin Rapid Release diet aid


NORCROSS, Ga. — Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is launching its Fastin Rapid Release diet aid beyond its exclusive debut with Rite Aid, the company announced Tuesday. 


Hi-Tech has initiated a multi-million dollar advertising campaign to support the launch. 


"The nationwide launch of Fastin Rapid Release is an important development for men and women who struggle with being overweight with and need help with weight management beyond diet and exercise," stated Jared Wheat, Hi-Tech's president and CEO. "Fastin Rapid Release really is the pre-eminent diet aid on the market right now because, unlike most of the weight-loss supplements, on the market, it actually has two product-specific studies that provide evidence of efficacy. One study was conducted on Fastin Rapid Release and its effects on the metabolic rate. The second study was an eight-week weight loss and fat loss study that showed it caused people to lose 208% more weight and 385% more fat than placebo." 


Fastin Rapid Release is made with "Explotab technology" for an immediate burst of the active ingredients, providing rapid onset of energy and thermogenesis, the company stated.

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