Homeopathic solutions resonate with OTC consumers

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Homeopathic solutions resonate with OTC consumers

By Michael Johnsen - 09/21/2017

Not only are “clean labeling” initiatives resonating with consumers across the food aisle, but the pull toward more natural remedies, including homeopathic solutions, is resonating with consumers shopping in the OTC aisles, as well, many suppliers shared with Drug Store News.

“The trend of consumers looking for natural and safe products continues to be strong and steady,” said Gary Wittenberg, VP of national accounts at Boiron. “This is especially true of mom looking for health options for her family. Placing more focus on the baby category is the next step in Boiron delivering the good-for-you products that today’s consumers want.”

Boiron, long known for its Oscillococcinum flu relief and Arnicare pain relief solutions, is planning to capitalize on new opportunities in the baby care aisle this fall with the help of targeted digital marketing, sampling moms at several baby-themed consumer expos, public relations efforts and social media tactics. “Sales also are driven though doctor recommendations,” Wittenberg said. “Boiron USA’s medical team makes office visits and attends roughly 50 medical trade shows per year, including pediatrician events for its new baby platform.”

“Homeopathy is becoming much more accepted by the general population. Consumers want more homeopathic products,” said Michael Hanson, sales coordinator at TRP.

TRP is known for its line of ear care products, but presently is focusing on launching three eye care items, including one that addresses poor night vision, called Aging Eye; one that addresses eye “floaters,” those clumps of proteins in the vitreous inside of the eye, called Eye Floaters Relief; and one called Twitching Eye Relief.

“Our goal is to give the American consumers choice,” said Dan Quail, Similasan’s president of North America. “A lot of people don’t like putting chemicals into their bodies, and we’re offering [a homeopathic alternative].”

Similasan is launching Dry Eye Easy Mist, which creates a dry eye solution users can spray on a closed eye lid and blink into the eye. In addition to making an appeal to those consumers who don’t want to put drops into their eyes, it also works with makeup, as it doesn’t cause makeup to run.