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Johnson & Johnson leading the way in diabetes collaboration


NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – The statistics are sobering. Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes, with an estimated 86 million more with pre-diabetes, resulting in $322 Billion annually in medical costs.


Johnson & Johnson has been a leader in diabetes management and treatment for years, providing medication and devices to support the needs of the diabetes patient and their caregivers. 

“Recognizing the rapid growth of this epidemic, Johnson & Johnson is taking a more holistic view of the challenge and leveraging its resources to develop new solutions," stated Len Greer, VP J&J Health & Wellness Solutions.  "Businesses across the J&J enterprise, from Pharma and Medical Devices to Health & Wellness Solutions and Consumer, are partnering and mobilizing resources to understand how to better serve people with diabetes and bring greater focus on  prevention.”

“At Johnson & Johnson we’ve changed how we think about delivering care," added David Pothast, VP U.S. customer development J&J. "We’re leveraging our resources and expertise to create a 'One J&J' approach to support the new healthcare ecosystem.  As an industry, we must to continue to change how we think to better serve our patients."

Johnson & Johnson is taking this new approach to the CPG industry’s largest forum, NACDS Total Store Expo, with the launch of their cross-enterprise Diabetes Collaboration Zone.  It will be staffed by a cross-functional team with a wide range of expertise from product knowledge, technology and design and behavioral science.

“We believe that Johnson & Johnson is optimally positioned to address the diabetes challenge with the breadth and scale of our solutions to meet patient and consumer,  customer, as well as healthcare provider needs,” commented Ty Lee, VP Americas, Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies. “However, no one enterprise can tackle this epidemic alone. We hope to create an environment where our industry can co-create solutions to best deliver meaningful support, with the goal of improved health outcomes, to people living with diabetes.“


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