L2G North America launches nitric oxide supplement


CHICAGO – L2G North America on Friday announced that its new Berkeley Life Heart Health supplement – formulated based on research that shows the pivotal role of nitric oxide in cardiovascular health – will arrive at retailers nationwide beginning in January 2017.

Berkeley Life Heart Health will be available over the counter exclusively at The Vitamin Shoppe and GNC in January and shortly thereafter at other retailers nationwide.

Berkeley Life Heart Health is the first supplement on retail shelves to deliver the benefit of nitric oxide production for cardiovascular health. It also is the only supplement to come with test strips which allow the user to assess his or her nitric oxide level both before and after using the product.  

“Nitric oxide is one of the most important molecules in the human body and yet may be one of the least commonly understood,” stated James Rippe, director of the Rippe Lifestyle Institute. “Maintaining a healthy level of nitric oxide has a profound effect on the cardiovascular system – helping to control blood pressure, improving oxygen flow throughout the body and reducing the risk of blockages and clots.”

Produced naturally by the body, nitric oxide promotes dilation of the arteries, keeping them elastic, so blood can move efficiently throughout our system. But, as people age, natural nitric oxide production declines, creating a greater risk of high blood pressure and life-changing diseases.

“Most people aren’t aware how important nitric oxide is to our cardiovascular health and we don’t regularly keep the proper diet or level of physical activity necessary to maintain a good level of nitric oxide, particularly as we age,” commented James Murphy, founder of Lifes2Good, which distributes Berkeley Life.

Each Berkeley Life supplement product comes with two Berkeley Test strips which are also sold separately in packs of ten and fifty. To use the test strip, the user adds saliva by touching the strip to the tongue and, in 10 seconds, a color swatch will appear that indicates current nitric oxide levels. Users can interpret the reading by matching the swatch to the guide on the box, or by using the Berkeley Life mobile app.

“Berkeley Test allows users to see that the Berkeley Life supplement is working to stimulate nitric oxide production,” Murphy said. “Berkeley Test also can be used independently of the supplement to measure nitric oxide levels, which are influenced by diet, exercise and other factors.”

Rippe added that the test strips support behavior change. “Until now, patients have had no visibility to this critical aspect of their cardiovascular health," he said. "A test strip can be a first step in helping people make proactive choices to combat the number one threat to their overall well-being – heart disease.”


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