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Lifes2good launches Pettura supplements for dogs


CHICAGO — Lifes2good, the VMS company behind Viviscal hair supplement, is rolling out its new Pettura line of vitamin supplements for dogs to select CVS and Kinney Drugs vitamin aisles. The line is being released when, according to a Lifes2good survey of 500 pet owners, only a quarter report giving their dogs a vitamin.

“I recommend supplements to pet owners because they are a valuable component of a comprehensive care program for animals,” Dr. Jeffrey Lee, a veterinarian and veterinary consultant at Harbor UCLA Medical Center, said. “Throughout a dog's lifespan vitamins are needed for different reasons, from overall growth as a puppy and receiving an adequate amount of vitamins as a senior.”

Pettura is sold as a liquid formula with a pre-measured pump that can be added to food or a treat, and has five different formulations that retail for $29.99:

  • Calming, which is designed to lower a dog’s stress levels with valerian root, chamomile and L-tryptophan;

  • Multivitamin, which has antioxidants and supports general pet wellness and immune system function;

  • Healthy Joints, for flexibility and mobility that reduces discomfort among aging dogs; and

  • Oral Health, which freshens breath and reduces tartar without brushing;

  • Skin and Coat, for keeping a dog’s coat shiny and healthy

“People understand that eating right and getting enough vitamins are essential to a proper diet regimen, but there is a disconnect when it comes to our pets,” Pettura’s brand marketing manager Stevie Jones said. “Supplements can be very beneficial to maintaining a pet's general health and wellness during their lifetime. By launching our line, we hope more people start making supplements part of their dog's daily routine — just like they do for themselves.”

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