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Mason Vitamins adds 3 new products

Mason Vitamins is expanding its lineup. The Miami Lakes, Fla.-based company has added three products to its offerings — DIM, Apple Cider Vinegar plus Matcha, and Beet Root with Magnesium supplements.

DIM, or diindolylmethane, is found in cruciferous vegetables, and Mason Vitamins said it is reported to produce changes in estrogen metabolism, which is thought to influence the development of certain hormone-dependent illnesses. The company also said it may increase defense against acute illnesses, and recommended merchandizing it in the women’s section of the supplement area to boost sales.

Mason’s Beet Root with Magnesium contains antioxidants, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, folate and manganese, the company said. Beets also are rich in nitrate, which can help lower blood pressure, while supporting increased energy and stamina. Mason Vitamins recommended merchandising beetroot supplement in the antioxidant section of the supplement area.

The company’s Apple Cider Vinegar with Matcha supplement is meant to support healthy digestion and metabolism to promote weight loss goals. The company recommended merchandising the product in the diet section.
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