MaxLabs IDs manufacturer for its male enhancement supplement


WASHINGTON, Mich. — MaxLabs last month selected contract manufacturer Bactolac Pharmaceutical in New York to produce the copmany's Impress! male enhancement supplement.

"The real differentiator for Bactolac is their eagerness to embrace our extensive list of demands and expertly translate them into a seamless manufacturing plan," stated Charles Kraft, VP functional health, MaxLabs US. "Impress! for Men is truly a 'no compromises' supplement and MaxLabs US' selection of pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing by Bactolac is another clear example of [our] commitment to taking male enhancement upscale."

Earlier this year, MaxLabs went on the offensive with a study that claimed the majority of male enhancement supplements on the market today are not sold as advertised. According to MaxLabs, nearly 70% of the 61 male enhancement brands that were assessed listed ingredient weights impossibly large for the provided capsule sizes, with some supplements claiming weights as much as five times the capsules’ typical capacity.

“We knew there were some troubled brands, but suspected major problems would be isolated - instead, almost every sample had at least one issue that [FDA and/or FTC rules] should prevent the product’s sale in the U.S.," Kraft said. "Facts such as the capacity of these capsules aren’t something average consumers would know to consider; but often they’re misled into thinking they are getting 80% more product than what’s advertised on the packaging.”

With respect to quantity of content, the study found 95% of the 61 male enhancement pills fell short of their labeled weight, with several brands >4,000mg below label claim. Overall, 88.5% of underweight samples averaged 55.3% less ingredient than stated and three brands failed to list a weight as required.


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