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Millennials show growing interest in health-tracking technology


Wearables are beginning to gain purchase consideration and traction among all millennials, but especially with white non-Hispanics, according to the latest installment of the Hispanic Millennial Project, published by Sensis and ThinkNow Research in June.

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According to the research, as many as 41% of white non-Hispanic consumers are most interested in the wearable category, suggesting that they will purchase a health tracker in the near future. About one-third of Hispanic millennials (32%) expressed an interest in health trackers, followed by virtual reality goggles at 31%. According to a separate Accenture study released in March, the number of consumers who use mobile health apps increased from 16% in 2014 to 33% in 2016, and the number of consumers who use health wearables increased from 9% to 21% during the same time.

But while buzzworthy technology is embraced by early adopters, white non-Hispanic millennials are hesitant to purchase based on novelty alone, the report found. When functionality becomes more tangible, consumers will embrace the technology, Sensis reported.

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