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Natrol launches new sleep aid for parents seeking better rest ahead of BTS season


CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Natrol on Tuesday introduced Natrol 5mg Liquid Melatonin, a concentrated sleep liquid, to help support sleep during the back-to-school transition.  

"Back-to-school is always focused on children, but we forget how hard it can be on moms," stated Richard Yoder, VP marketing Natrol. "There is more planning involved and things to do in a day.  Mom's health, including sleep, tends to take a back seat so she can focus on her family's needs."

"Natrol Melatonin can help you take control of your night's rest and reset your sleep cycle; something many parents may be searching for during the disruptive back-to-school time," added Shannon Wright, Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences and wellness expert with Natrol.   

Natrol offers melatonin in several forms including fast dissolve, time release and the newly debuted liquid concentrate form.


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