Nature’s Bounty debuts Sundown Organics

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Nature’s Bounty debuts Sundown Organics

By Nora Caley - 08/26/2019
Nature’s Bounty is tapping into the organic trend with its Sundown brand. New Sundown Organics features 12 frequently taken supplements, all clean and USDA-certified organic. The line even has “tree-free” packaging made from sustainable sugar cane, which helps keep the planet a little greener.

The lineup includes:

  • Well: A number of multivitamins specifically developed for adults, enriched
    with more than 15 organic fruits and vegetables, and with a 100-mg blend
    per serving;

  • Active Energy Complex: For that extra boost of energy, this supplement uses naturally occurring caffeine from guayusa, guarana and green tea. It also contains two essential vitamins — B-12 and B-6 — for energy metabolism support, plus a combination of popular botanicals;

  • Terrific Tummy Probiotic: With 1.5 billion active cultures per serving and friendly bacteria for the digestive system;

  • Sincerely Turmeric: With 315 mg of turmeric, this powerful plant-based supplement supports antioxidant health;

  • Respond Immune Complex: Stay strong with this tablet that contains immune-supporting ingredients — vitamin C and vitamin D-3, as well as a blend of Organic reishi, shiitake and maitake mushrooms. It also has selenium and zinc, which act as antioxidants to help fight against free radicals in the body;

  • Stress Escape: The product is packed with 500 mg per serving of passionflower, a tropical herb that traditionally has been used for centuries, it’s a great choice to help relieve occasional stress;

  • Goodnight Herbal Complex: Combat occasional sleeplessness with this complex that contains valerian root, chamomile, lemon balm and passionflower;

  • Strong Bones Core Complex: With 200 mg of plant-based calcium, sourced from the pristine shores of South America, this complex contains naturally occurring minerals to support bone health;

  • Ener-B B12 1000 MCG: Provides energy metabolism for the whole body and helps maintain cellular energy levels by converting food into energy; and

  • Positively Pretty Hair, Skin & Nails Complex: This hair, skin and nails formula provides 2,500 mcgs of biotin and key nutrients, plus an herbal blend of green tea, grapeseed and Moringa oleifera leaf.