Neosante Health Solutions' new lactase supplement soothes colic

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Neosante Health Solutions' new lactase supplement soothes colic

By Michael Johnsen - 04/11/2018
Neosante Health Solutions will be making Delictase Oral Drops, a lactase enzyme supplement used to battle baby colic, available to patrons of

"Getting Delictase on the world's biggest retailer will help prevent sleepless nights for countless babies and their parents," João Santos, Neosante CEO, said. "We stand by being the best colic remedy and know Amazon will help people around the world find us as we continue to branch out. Parents need to know a product exists that treats their baby's crying and improves their overall health by treating the cause, not the symptoms.

Delictase Oral Drops prevent excessive crying and discomfort for babies suffering from colic, a common issue most likely caused by gastrointestinal discomfort, including intestinal cramping. Colic affects up to 40% of children, the Boca Raton, Fla.-based company reported, typically occurring when a child is between 6 weeks and 6 months old.

"Delictase provides just enough lactase to infants to treat colic. It helps babies who may have hypolactasia, but is not intended for severe lactose intolerance," Santos said. "Lactase is used to digest lactose, preventing fermentation in the body that leads to tummy pains. Lactose also makes the baby's gut more acidic, which causes diarrhea and really foul diapers."

Delictase Oral Drops come in a 15-milliliter solution, prepackaged in a dropper, and should be added to breast milk or baby formula. Neosante is a well-known company overseas, having sold more than two million vials of Delictase Oral Drops in 2017.

Neosante Health Solutions is a privately owned Portuguese pharmaceutical company established in 2007 that produces food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics. Neosante currently distributes products to 20 countries on three continents, and is bringing its Delictase Oral Drops to parents in the United States.